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rockchickemm's Journal

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I'm a lil blonde rockchick ... all ya need to know ;) ~ I'm a crueslut, Motley Crue fan and i love my Terror Twins: Tommy Lee & Nikki Sixx ... I'm studying English and Communications, specialising in Music Journalism at Liverpool Uni ... i'm a big Harry Potter fan, and adore, Cedric Diggory & Oliver Wood, Snape rocks too - Alan Rickman is a legend ... i love playing guitar and i'm obsessed with rockstars ... other obsessions include my coffee addiction, Jim Carrey movies, chinese food like duck n pancakes, lemons, x-men - both movie and animated cartoon - GAMBIT WOOH! Robin Hood, Waynes world 1&2 and Spinal Tap! going to rock concerts is also a weakness ... I love going to Hard Rock Cafes. ... Dunno what else to write so that's all for now.